Machine Elements - Analysis and Design

Machine Elements - Analysis and Design

Forfattere: Peder Klit og Niels L. Pedersen
Sider: 312
Sprog: Engelsk
Udgave: 2. udgave
Udgivelsesår: 2014
Udgiver: Polyteknisk Forlag
ISBN-13: 9788750210689
Varenummer: pol14008

Kategorier: Lærebøger
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Machine Elements - Analysis and Design er tilføjet til din indkøbskurv.

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This textbook provides undergraduate students with a basic understanding of machine element theory, and introduces tools and techniques to facilitate design calculations for a number of frequently encountered mechanical elements.
The material in the book is appropriate for one or two courses in Machine Elements and/or Mechanical Engineering Design. The material is intended for students who have passed first and second year basic courses in engineering physics, engineering mechanics and engineering materials science.

The book is organized into 13 separate chapters, which in principle can be read independently. The covered subjects are: tolerances, springs, bearings, shafts, shaft-hub connections, threaded fasteners (bolts), couplings, clutches, brakes, belt drives, 2D Joint Kinematics gear geometry and strength of gears.

Peder Klit and Niels L. Pedersen are both professors in machine elements at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Technical University of Denmark, DTU.